Venari Wavesmith

Increase your Splinterlands win rate drastically by looking at the cards your opponent has used in his past battles. This allows you to pick a better counter.

When using this tool you will get the following information about your opponent: what quest he is completing, his card collection, what cards he used in previous battles and in some cases what cards he has picked against you.



Decide how long you want to use the tool, click "Buy" and securely confirm the transaction using Hive Keychain.

1 day 7 days 30 days
95 DEC 495 DEC
(70 DEC/day)
995 DEC
(33 DEC/day)



How does the tool work?

It automatically finds your opponent and shows the cards he's used in his last 20 battles, as well as a lot of other usefull information.

What does the tool look like?

Splinterviewer screenshot

Video demonstration of the new tool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1O8qHXyYja4.

How do you know what account to give access to?

The Hive username that makes the transaction, will be the account that receives access to the tool.

When do I gain access to the tool?

After your purchase, you can immediately start using the tool.

Can I use this on multiple accounts?

A purchase is linked to your account username, so will only give access to one account. If you have multiple accounts, we can provide bulk discounts. Contact solaito#2798 on Discord for more information.

Can I use other payment methods?

Yes, contact solaito#2798 on Discord for more options. We also accept SPS, SPT, Splinterlands cards and other payment options.

Does this always work?

Yes, this does always work, even in tournaments. The option to see what cards your opponent has picked only works in around 10% of all cases. In tournaments this option is automatically disabled, but all other functionalities remain the same.

How do I get started?

Purchase a license here.